Get To Know Your Business

Strategic Planning


A big part of strategy is the ability to test your hypotheses. Test your plans through experiments and monitor performance and outcomes (increased revenue, improved margins, higher ROI)


Express your goals, and business in a way that your team, your workers, your customers know where the company is headed.

Outside the Box

Don’t follow any specific guideline and templates for your business. Often strategic planning is not standard and needs to meet your business, personal and customer needs.

Ask Questions

Strategic planning should generate strong debates and conversations on the benefits and opportunity costs of your plans. To optimally develop and solve theses debates, developing a set of questions brings organization.

Conversational Audit


Many customers really like giving feedback. Simply allowing them to fill out a quick survey they feel like you are listening, and you get a feeling of what they want.


Online, Offline, Yelp or Website. Reviews are a good source of reputation, understanding, information, and respect towards your business. Your number one goal is to make your customers feel happy.

Customer Service

Your business has many types of conversations, the most important of which is “Customer Service”. The interaction with your customers can make a good product, amazing.


Your customers are not the only source of conversation. Your website is trying to communicate with you at all times. Listening to the conversion, bounce rate, and click through rates can dramatically help with sales.

Search Marketing


The process of building your websites reputation so that search engines rank you higher on result pages. We specialize in proving to Google, Yahoo & Bing that you belong at the top


Pay-Per-Click is the process of optimizing ads to place on the first page of Google, Yahoo & Bing in the ad section. You pay per performance and thus pay for click. The goal is to build your reputation score to lower cost for PPC

Display Ads

Display ads are similar to PPC but your ads are not text but images. This is placed on partner sites and generate exposure. You pay per click that leads to your website.

Landing Pages

Today, all pages of your website are considered “Landing Pages”. This is because google indexes all pages and ranks them based on reputation. Your inner pages might have more exposure then your main page.



Amplify the reach of your content and exposure. Utilizing our community you can gain valuable exposure for your content and image. Target the reputation of others to express your brand.


Monitoring your reach and conversion has never been easier. Our Plugin lets you simply monitor the source, and reach of your campaigns. Just login and see it in action. Statistics and information available at your finger tips.

Big Data

We gather information from all our influencers to determine the reach as well as the value of content distribution. We place your content and brand in the appropriate areas to maximize exposure and value.


Our targeted methods and advertising campaigns have touched an amazing 90% of people on the internet. We can target your audience through facebook, twitter, linkedin, google, yahoo, bing, alexa, dmoz, and more.